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Product name: Alachlor
Product Series: Herbicide

Trade name: alachlor 
Common name: lasso 
Other name: cp50144,lazo 

CHEMICAL STRUCTURAL FORMULA: 2-chloro-2',6'-diethyl-N-(methoxymethy)acetacetanilide
PHYSICAL & CHEMICAL PROPERTIES:The product is milky solid,melting point 39.5--41.5°C,boiling point100°C/0.02mmHg,vapor tension 2.9mPa(25°C),solubility in water of 25°C is 242mg/L,dissolved in acet,benzene,ethanol,acetic ether,slightly dissolved in heptane.Decomposed at 105°C be stable to UV,hydrolyzed in the condition of strong acid and alkalescence.The remaining time in earth is 42-70d,and losing by the effect of animalcule.
AGENT TYPE: 95%crude medicine,480g/l.
APPLICATION: Forepart herbicide before or after bud,used in 1.68--4.48kg/ha,can protect and get rid of the ruderal of cotton,corn,cole,peanut,soy and sugar cane field.
ANALYSIS METHOD: Chromatography of gases.

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