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Product name: Acetochlor
Product Series: Herbicide

TRADE NAME: 95% 90% 85% 80% Tech 50% EC 
COMMON NAME: Acetochlor 
CHEMICAL NAME: 2'-ethyl-6'-methyl-N-(ethoxymethyl)-2-chloroacetylanilide 

PHYSICAL & CHEMICAL PROPERTIES: Technical product is brown and transparent liquid, stable. The density or tech is 1.11 at 30°C. At room temperature, the dissolvability in water is 223 ppm. 
TOXICITY: Low poisoning to human being and cattles. 50% E.C. The acute oral LD 50 for big white mouse over 2370mg/kg. The acute dermal LD 50 >1330mg/kg. 
USE: Acetochlor is a kind of selective herbicide before sprout. It is principally used for weeds of large crabgrass, barnyardgrass, greenbristlegrass, shortawnfoxtail, goosegrass and water mouse-earchickweed, amaranth, common purslane, ducktongueweed used to control insects on rice soya beans, peanuts, maizes, rapes, cottons. Usually take surface treatment of the presprout soil. The using-quantity is according to the kinds of crops and areas. The spray, mix with soil and water mix etc. methods are used in application. 
PACKING: In 200kg net iron drums for technical grade and 200L net iron drums for E.C

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