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Methyl Bromide

Product name: Methyl Bromide
Product Series: Main product

Chem name:methyl bromide98%+2%chloropicrin 
Appearance: Colourless gas,odorless at low concentrations,clear,colourless to straw-coloured liquid under pressure or refrigeration. 
Chemical Strutral Formula: CH3Br

Molecular weight: 94.94 
Melting point: -94 
Boiling point: 3.5-4 
MBr98% is considered the ideal fumigant and has been a major tool in the pest control process. 
Major Features of Methyl Bromide98% are: 
*Highly effective against a wide range of soil-borne pests; 
*Quick and deep penetration into the soil; 
*Very short exposure period; 
*Short waiting period between fumigation and sowing or planting; 
*Penetration into undecomposed material; 
*Good efficacy in a wide range of temperatures; 
*Increased growth response effect. 
Used in following crops: 
*vegetable growing and flowers and plants in greenhouse; 
*Planting flowers and plants and vegetable in field; 
*Refuvenate turf and golf couse. 
Store in cool,dry well ventilated area. 
MBr98% is available as liquid under pressure in steel cylinders of various sizes,25-100Kg,and in small cans of 1.0lb and 1.5lb. 

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