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Product name: Tralkoxydim
Product Series: Main product

Common name: Tralkoxyim 
Chemical name: 2-[1-(ethoxyimino)propyl]-3-hydroxy-5-mesitylcyclohex-2-enone 
Molecular formula: C20H27NO
Molecular weight: 329.4 
Structural formula:

Properties: The assay of TECH is 92%-95%, Melting point 99-104°C. Pure product is colorless odorless solid , Melting point 106°C, Relative Density 2.1 (20 ° C ). vapor pressure3.7 × 10-4mpa(20 ° C). solubility (20 ° C, mg/l ): 6(PH5.0), 6.7(PH6.5) ), 9800 (PH9). 
Specification: 95% TECH, EC , suspension, water dispersible granule 
Packing: TECH, water dispersible granule is stored in 25kg carton ; Other Preparation are stored in 200L Metal pail.

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