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Gibberellic acid

Product name: Gibberellic acid
Product Series: Plant growth regulator

Chemical name: 
2,4a,7-trihydroxy-1-methyl-8-methyle negibb-3-ene-1, 
10-carboxylic acid-1, 4a-lactone 
Formula: C19H22O6 

Gibberellic acid-3 (GA-3) is a naturally occurring plant growth regulator that may cause a variety of effects, including the stimulation of seed germination in some cases. 
GA-3 occurs naturally in the seeds of many species and is produced commercially by growing Gibberella fujikuroi fungus cultures in vats, then extracting and purifying the GA-3. Presoaking seeds in GA-3 solution will in many cases cause the rapid 
germination of many types of highly dormant seeds which would otherwise need cold treatment, after-ripening, aging, or other prolonged pre-treatments. Gibberellins are used in agriculture for various purposes. 
GA-3 is sprayed on seedless grapes to increase grape size and yield, and is used on navel oranges, lemons, blueberries, sweet and tart cherries, artichokes and other crops to decrease or increase fruit set, delay rind aging, etc. These effects are highly dependent on concentration and stage of plant growth.

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